Yonkers Valedictorians, SalutatoriansClass of 2022: Lincoln High School

LHS valedictorian Annly JohnLHS Salutatorian Daniel Pereira

By Dan Murphy

Congratulations to Lincoln High Schools Valedictorian, Annly John, and Salutatorian, Daniel Pereira. Annly John will graduate with a 97.8 GPA. She moved to Yonkers, and the United States, in 2017 from India.
Her favorite teachers are Dr Sagafhai, Science Research, and Mr. Yohannan, Living Environment, and her favorite subjects are Science research, Biology, Living environment. “Both teachers and science classes, helped me with my goal to work in the medical field,” said John.

Annly completed five honors courses, four AP courses, and seven Westchester Community college Jumpstart program: courses. She also was active in many extracurricular activities including the LHS Purple Guardian Mental Health Awareness Club, and was a YPIE Scholar. “I was glad to be a part of the Mental Health Awareness Club. I ran their social media account. It helped me and others.”

“I applied to 45 colleges and my parents are immigrants and couldn’t help me. YPIE has been a big help and made sure I completed my applications and essays.”

Activities outside of school included volunteering at her church, St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in Yonkers, and a summer internship at The Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak.
Annly is also a singer, (soprano). “I grew up in India singing with my grandmother, and I kept it up at Lincoln and sang in a concert.”

John applied to 45 colleges as part of a free program for National Honors Society program which waives the application fees. “I wanted to take advantage of it and look for the best school and the best scholarship.”

She will be attending Lehigh University, Pennsylvania this fall, and will be majoring in Biology, with plans to be a Physician assistant. “I visited the campus and everyone was so nice. And they have a pre-health program and gave me a great scholarship.”

Annly enjoyed her time at Lincoln High School. “I love how the teachers, staff, and administration are very supportive and caring. Each one of them brings amazing opportunities for the students here. They provide us with resources and create a positive environment to uplift the students.”

Annly and her parents came to America to give her a chance at the American Dream. “I was the lead student in my class in India. I worked hard and listened to my teachers. My parents supported me in India and came here so that I can have a change at a better future. I’m motivated to do good. When I came here I hardly knew English. I don’t want to let my parents down.”

Her favorite quote for young students, “It’s not too late to make this life everything you have always wanted it to be”.

LHS Salutatorian Daniel Pereira has a similar life story. His family came from the Dominican Republic, where his mom was a dentist. When she came to Yonkers, she had to start at the bottom and work her up to become a licensed dentist here.

Daniel will graduate with a 97.1 GPA. His favorite subjects are Math and Science and his favorite teachers are AP Chemistry teacher Dr. Kumari Johal and Science Research teacher Dr. Dean Saghafi.

Daniel finished in 5th place in a statewide Science Symposium, which gave him confidence that he can achieve academically. He also is proud of a fund raiser for students in his home country of the Dominican Republic. “My family is from the rural part of the DR and on a visit, I saw that they didn’t have enough supplies. I was able to collect 250 bookbags filled with school supplies and $3,000. It was fun but difficult and good to give back to my community.”

Daniel’s mother is both a role model and helped him achieve. “It’s her work ethic that has inspired me.” He will be attending the Sophie Davis Bs/Md program at City College/CUNY School of medicine.

Daniel has plans to become a Doctor and serve in his community. “My community is underserved with healthcare. Latino’s make up less than 6% of all Doctors. We need more Doctors that look like me and speak Spanish. I want to serve my community and I know that access to healthcare can transoform peoples lives.”

Where the future Dr. Pereira will land is still up in the air. Maybe the Bronx, maybe Houston Texas. But he is thankful for his time at Lincoln High School. “I like the community of high achievers that exists at my school, and the support system that comes with it.”

“My advice to future Vals and Sals is to never doubt yourself, because you are capable of more than you think.”

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