Women’s Novice Four Captures Bronze to Highlight Strong Murphy Cup

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PHILADELPHIA – The Lehigh rowing team put together a strong performance at the Murphy Cup on Saturday, led by the Women’s Novice Four, who took third overall. Racing was held on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Along with the Women’s Novice Four, the Men’s Varsity Eight came in fourth while the Women’s Varsity Eight placed seventh (first in the petite final).

“I thought today showed a marked improvement from our previous weeks of racing,” said Lehigh head coach Brian Conley. “I’m really excited to see us put some things together. We showed a level of toughens in racing we’ve been trying to grow out of the team and I’m excited about what we can do in the upcoming weeks.”

The Women’s Novice Four finished second in its heat with a time of 7:39.06 before placing third in the grand final (7:56.48), finishing ahead of George Mason, Jefferson and fellow Patriot League opponent Loyola.

“They have probably grown the most this past week, just trying to put things together with timing and consistency and trying to row together a little bit more,” said Conley. “They did a really great job of that.”

The Men’s Varsity Eight also finished second in its heat (6:03.72) before finishing fourth in the grand final (5:45.42)—ahead of Washington College and Delaware. Meanwhile, the Women’s Varsity Eight won the petite final with a time of 6:37.20.

“The Men’s Varsity Eight definitely showed a level of improvement by making the grand final and competing really strongly in that race at the end of the day,” said Conley. “We’re excited to see what they can do when they line up against another MARC competitor and go from there. The Women’s Varsity Eight had a mixed day, but they ended up finishing the day really, really strongly in the petite final where they probably had their best race of the season.”

The Women’s Varsity Four and Second Varsity Eight also hit the water on Saturday. For complete results, please see below.

“I think if we can keep the momentum going in terms of the attitude and drive in terms of wanting to be better each and every day, we’ll end up in a really great spot come Patriots and the MARC,” said Conley.

After Saturday, the men and women both return to the water in two weekends, on Saturday, Apr. 16 at the Kerr Cup – also on the Schuylkill River in Philly.

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Women’s Novice Four

1 Marist—7:28.81
2. Lehigh-7:39.06

3. George Mason—7:59.78
4. Loyola Maryland—8:47.19
5. Cabrini—9:52.77

Grand Final
1. Lafayette—7:37.78
2. Marist – 7:39.36
3. Lehigh-7:56.48

4. George Mason—8:30.18
5. Jefferson—8:40.81
6. Loyola Maryland—9:31.56

Men’s Varsity Eight

1. Temple-5:54.33
2. Lehigh—6:03.72

3. Washington College—6:08.17
4. Fairfield—6:15.39

Grand Final
1. Drexel – 5:20.64
3. Rutgers-5:37.74
4. Lehigh-5:45.42

5. Washington College—5:47.62
6. Delaware—5:53.77

Women’s Varsity Eight

1. Temple-6:24.49
2. Saint Joseph’s – 6:28.97
3. Lehigh-6:29.52

4. Marist—6:34.95
5. Washington College—7:12.20

Petit final
1. Lehigh—6:37.20

2. Jefferson—6:37.97
3. Fairfield—6:38.21
4. Marist—6:38.69
5. La Salle – 6:42.05
6. Colgate—6:46.32

Women’s Second Varsity Eight

2. UMass – 6:45.81
3. Fairfield—6:46.40
4. Lehigh-6:54.36

Women’s Varsity Four

1. Georgetown-7:15.35
2. Lafayette—7:17.53
3. Lehigh—7:36.39

4. Old Dominion—7:36.70
5. Colgate—8:07.85
6. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy—8:32.51

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