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On April 23, Democratic and Republican registered voters in the commonwealth will decide who the two candidates will be for the office of Pennsylvania attorney general. 

Attorney General Michelle Henry, who was appointed to finish Josh Shapiro’s term after he was elected governor, is not seeking reelection, making it the only statewide race for an open seat in Pennsylvania this year.

Seven candidates  five Democrats and two Republicans are vying for their party’s nomination to be the state’s next top law enforcement official. 

The Capital-Star asked each candidate a series of questions to see why they believe they are best positioned to lead the office and give them the chance to explain their positions on the issues. 

You can find their answers to our survey questions at the links below, but here’s how they replied to the question: Why are you the best candidate for this position? 

Answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.


Keir Bradford Grey

Keir Bradford-Grey, a Democrat, served as Philadelphia and Montgomery County’s chief public defender. 

“The job of the Attorney General is to be the people’s lawyer. Pennsylvania needs an Attorney General with a strong record fighting for others. As the head of the Philadelphia Defender’s Association, the 4th largest public defender’s office in the country, that’s how I’ve spent my career.”




Eugene DePasquale

Eugene DePasquale, a Democrat, previously served in the Pennsylvania General Assembly before he won two terms to serve as the state’s Auditor General from 2013-2021. 

“I am the only candidate that has been elected statewide, and I’ve done so twice. Pennsylvanians need an attorney general that can win, will be an advocate for them, and I want to take my experience doing that to the Attorney General’s office.” 



Joe Khan

Joe Khan, a Democrat, is a prosecutor and most recently served as Bucks County Solicitor. 

“I’m the candidate with the longest and strongest record as a prosecutor (10 years as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office and 6 years in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office) and bring unmatched civil litigation and leadership experience as a public interest lawyer and County Solicitor who successfully went to court against the most powerful interests in America including Big Tech, Big Pharma, and President Donald Trump.” 



Jared Solomon

State Rep. Jared Solomon (D-Philadelphia) was first elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2016 after defeating longtime Democratic state Rep. Mark Cohen. 

“Jared Solomon is the best candidate to be our next Attorney General because of his political courage and his track record of taking on powerful interests to fight for regular Pennsylvanians. As a State Representative, Solomon has a lifetime 100% voting scorecard from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates and chairs the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.”



Jack Stollsteimer

Jack Stollsteimer, a Democrat, is Delaware County’s District Attorney, who is serving in his second term in office. 

“First, it’s a job with which I am already very familiar. As the district attorney for Delaware County, Pennsylvania’s fifth largest county, I am already working to keep our communities safe and secure. Second, I have a record of success that I can export to the state level to make significant progress on tough issues like gun violence. The challenges we face in Pennsylvania can’t wait for on-the-job training. I’m ready to go on day one.”



Dave Sunday

Dave Sunday, a Republican, was elected as York County’s District Attorney in 2017 and is serving his second term in office. 

“As the elected District Attorney in a large county directly north of Baltimore, we have decreased overdose deaths by 26%. We have decreased crime by 41% since the 10-year high. We have decreased gang gun violence by 80% in the city of York from 2022 to 2023. During that same time period we decreased homicides by 75%.”



Craig Williams

State Rep. Craig Williams (R-Delaware), is a retired Marine Corps colonel, and has served in the Pennsylvania General Assembly since 2020. 

“None of the other six candidates compares to my experience. I win hard races in an area where all other Republicans are losing, because I know what I stand for and lead with dignity and grace. I treat people well; I listen; and I govern with empathy.”




The candidates’ full answers to the questionnaires are at the links below. They have been lightly edited.


Keir Bradford-Grey

Eugene DePasquale

Joe Khan

Jared Solomon

Jack Stollsteimer


Dave Sunday

Craig Williams

Originally published at penncapital-star.com,by John Cole

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