The Future of Data Science

Oliver Yao, professor and associate dean for graduate programs at Lehigh University’s College of Business, is featured in the Fortune Education article, “What Zillow’s failed algorithm means for the future of data science.”

To get new and old generations of leaders making the right moves, educators need to reconsider how they teach data science in programs around the country, writes Fortune.

“People should realize there’s a limitation to technology,” suggests Yao. “I do think that people sometimes rely on big data, on technology, too much. We cannot just rely on technology, on data. They’re absolutely useful, but we cannot 100% rely on them.”

Schools should move to a more holistic consideration of what people need to know, Fortune adds.

“I hope all the colleges in the US, when they educate their students, that students in a business school don’t only learn about technical skills, but critical thinking and people skills,” says Yao.

The full article can be read on the Fortune website.

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