Lehigh Valley planners to review cannabis rules in Bath, chickens in Tatamy this week | Lehigh Valley Regional News

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission tackles a lot of big projects, but this week it will review issues in two small communities.

The commission will review how the Borough of Bath addresses medical marijuana and check on how Tatamy proposes to allow backyard chickens.

The commission will review in meetings Tuesday and Thursday how Bath deals with marijuana. That does not mean the borough is going to become a cannabis haven. It is attempting to update its zoning rules in accordance with state regulations and LVPC guidelines.

That means defining marijuana-related uses, such as growing and processing.

“LVPC commends the borough for its consistency with the recommendations” made by the commission in 2016, according to an agenda for Tuesday’s Comprehensive Planning Committee.

That involves regulations about the size of buildings, how far they are set back from property lines, along with rules more specific to marijuana, such as security, along with “smoke, odors, proximity to schools” and more.

In Tatamy, a zoning amendment related to keeping backyard chickens would promote “urban farming,” according to the LVPC’s draft review.

The idea of ​​keeping chickens at home has grown in popularity and has been debated in the Lehigh Valley. Proponents point to health benefits and cheap eggs, while the opposition sees potential problems with vermin, noise and germs.

Rodents are noted: “The coop should be designed to discourage rodents and wild birds from entering,” is language recommended by the commission, and “Owners should store all feed supplies in rodent-proof containers.”

The commission will also handle a more typical duty, reviewing the Parkland School District’s proposed operations center. That 39,295-square-foot building would be built at 2619 Stadium Drive, near Orefield Middle School.

The Comprehensive Planning Committee will meet virtually Tuesday at noon. The full commission will meet at 11 am Thursday.

Both meetings will be held virtually. Agendas and links to internet broadcasts are available on the LVPC website.

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