First-Years Shine As Lehigh Retains President’s Cup With 12.5-7.5 Win Over Lafayette

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GLADSTONE, NJ – The President’s Cup is headed back to Bethlehem for a third straight year as Lehigh defeated rival Lafayette 12.5-7.5 in the annual match play event Tuesday at Hamilton Farm Golf Club. All 10 Mountain Hawks who competed contributed at least one point to Lehigh’s winning effort.

First-years Will Caronchi and Jake Roth were undefeated on the day as Lehigh won three out of five matches in both the better ball and alternate shot portions and then won six of 10 singles matches, including each of the first four to secure the victory.

Caronchi and Roth defeated Quint Dingledine and Michael Bell by 1 up scores in both doubles formats. In singles action, Caronchi won 3 and 2 over Augie Beers and Roth followed with a 4 and 3 win over BoYoung Chang. The Lehigh duo shared the day’s MVP award for their performances.

Senior Joey Dotta teamed with first-year Aiden LeBlanc to earn a win at better ball as did the sophomore duo of Jahan Bains and Aidan Oerhle.

In alternate shot, senior Daniel Song and junior Edmund Broderick teamed up to earn a point and seniors Sam Barton and David Hurly combined to win the final match of the alternate shot portion.

Dotta started the 4-0 run to start singles play with a 4 and 3 win over TJ Repczynski. All three first-years, LeBlanc, Caronchi and Roth won to put Lehigh up 10-4.

Oehrle and Hurly picked up victories in their respective matches, while Barton halved his match against Mike Walsh.

Lehigh alumnus Todd Stires, who passed away earlier this year, sponsored this event. Following their victory, the Mountain Hawks joined Todd’s widow Denise, his brother Craig and Peter Morales for photos with the cup.

The Mountain Hawks will now shift focus to hosting the Lehigh Invitational, Friday and Saturday on the Grace Course at Saucon Valley Country Club.

Lehigh 12.5, Lafayette 7.5

Better Ball (3-2 Lehigh)
1. Joey Dotta/Aiden LeBlanc (Lehigh) def. TJ Repczynski/Valdemar Kofod-Olsen (Lafayette) 2 and 1
2. Will Caronchi/Jake Roth (Lehigh) def. Quint Dingledine/Michael Bell (Lafayette) 1 up
3. Jahan Bains/Aidan Oehrle (Lehigh) def. Ray Dennehy/Augie Beers (Lafayette) 2 and 1
4. Sean Saw/Martin Vanhaelst (Lafayette) def. Daniel Song/Edmund Broderick (Lehigh) 3 and 2
5. Mike Walsh/Harry Dressel (Lafayette) def. Sam Barton/David Hurly (Lehigh) 1 up

Alternate Shot (3-2 Lehigh)
1. Carter Ablon/BoYoung Chang (Lafayette) def. Joey Dotta/Aiden LeBlanc (Lehigh) 2 and 1
2. Will Caronchi/Jake Roth (Lehigh) def. Quint Dingledine/Michael Bell (Lafayette) 1 up
3. Ray Dennehy/Augie Beers (Lafayette) def. Jahan Bains/Aidan Oehrle (Lehigh) 2 up
4. Daniel Song/Edmund Broderick (Lehigh) def. Sean Saw Martin Vanhaelst (Lafayette) 2 and 1
5. Sam Barton/David Hurly (Lehigh) def. Mike Walsh/Harry Dressel (Lafayette) 2 up

Singles (6.5-3.5 Lehigh)
1. Joey Dotta (Lehigh) def. TJ Repczynski (Lafayette) 4 and 3
2. Aiden LeBlanc (Lehigh) def. Valdemar Kofod Olsen (Lafayette) 2 up
3. Will Caronchi (Lehigh) def. Augie Beers (Lafayette) 3 and 2
4. Jake Roth (Lehigh) def. Bo Young Chang (Lafayette) 4 and 3
5. Michael Bell (Lafayette) def. Jahan Bains (Lehigh) 6 and 5
6. Aidan Oehrle (Lehigh) def. Michael Bell (Lafayette) 4 and 3
7. Sean Saw (Lafayette) def. Daniel Song (Lehigh) 4 and 3
8. Ray Dennehy (Lafayette) def. Edmund Broderick (Lehigh) 2 and 1
9. Sam Barton (Lehigh) vs. Mike Walsh (Lafayette) halved
10. David Hurly (Lehigh) vs. Martin Vanhaelst (Lafayette) 1 up

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