Biden campaign launches new ad focused on the president’s Scranton roots – Pennsylvania Capital-Star

A new ad from the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign points to President Joe Biden’s upbringing in Scranton as giving him a unique perspective on  and empathy for the struggles of middle class Americans.

“He grew up a middle-class kid in a middle-class town,” the ad’s voiceover begins, “and while Joe Biden’s traveled far and wide, Scranton, Pennsylvania has never left him.”

Viewed by the Capital-Star ahead of a wider rollout Tuesday, the one-minute spot is titled “Never Left” and will air in Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton markets. It’s part of a larger $25 million media campaign that Biden-Harris announced in August and has been rolling out in battleground areas.

An ad launched Sept. 30 focused on Black voters, touting how the Biden-Harris administration is “creating economic opportunity for Black America,” and represented a “significant investment” in Black-owned media properties, according to the campaign.

Another spot titled “Got to Work” debuted last month during the NFL season opener, and focused on Biden stump speech highlights, touting the president’s record on “fixing supply chains, fighting corporate greed,” and similar themes, ending by noting “inflation is down to three percent and unemployment is the lowest in decades.”

But the “Never Left” spot marks a slight shift in theme for the ad campaign; where the previous ads mentioned Biden administration accomplishments, this one has a narrower focus on cost-saving measures Biden has signed into law, with mentions of capping the price of insulin for seniors at $35, and giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. “He knows what life is like for working people and that middle class life is too expensive right now,” the ad states.

A young Joe Biden, the oldest of his siblings, and their mother Catherine “Jean” Biden (screen capture)

“While MAGA Republicans pretend they’re fighting for America’s middle class, President Biden and Vice President Harris are actually delivering,” Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager, said in a statement. “Whether it’s taking on Big Pharma to cut prescription drug costs, lowering health care premiums for millions of Americans, or reducing energy bills for American families, fighting for the middle class isn’t an empty campaign promise for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – it’s their political DNA.”

“Never Left” will run on national cable channels and on TV in battleground states, during NFL games and shows like “Dancing With the Stars” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” to reach a general election audience, the campaign said.

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